Welcome to English 4!

IMPORTANT...We received new textbooks which feature an online version of the book with access to some unique tools.  Be prepared for an amazing learning experience this year.

Use the link below to access your textbook.  Your username and password are the same as your regular login information for school.  REMEMBER...DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!


We will be using TEAMS for our virtual classroom every day.

4th 6 weeks

Week of January 5th - 8th
Welcome Back to Spring Semester!
Students will develop a SMART goal for the New Year using the SMART goal strategy.  Students will complete Steps 1-3 in class for a daily grade.

Week of January 11th - 15th
17th & 18th Century
Students will read and analyze the works of Richard Lovelace, John Milton and Jonathan Swift.

Week of January 19th - 22nd
17th & 18th Century

Students will continue reading and analyzing the works of Jonathan Swift.
Based on their understanding of Swift, students will complete a 2 part major assignment for test grade.

Week of January 25th - 29th

17th & 18th Century
Students will read and analyze the works of Alexander Pope, Samuel Pepys and Daniel Defoe.
Students will complete an assignment in Passport based on these readings.

Week of February 1st - 5th

Week of February 8th -12th

3rd 6 weeks

Week of November 9-13
Students will complete reading of Shakespeare's Macbeth.
Students will receive independent study guide for reading of Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Students will begin reading and evaluating Shakespeare's The Tempest individually.

Week of November 16-20
Students will continue working individually on Shakespeare's The Tempest.  All reading should be completed by Thursday.
Students will participate in a Socratic Seminar to discuss The Tempest on Friday.

Week of November 23-27

Week of November 30 - December 4
Students will complete final writing assignment for The Tempest.

Week of December 7-11
Students will begin researching and composing an essay comparing Shakespeare's Macbeth and The Tempest.

Week of December 14-18
Students will complete composition of an essay comparing Shakespeare's Macbeth and The Tempest.