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Mrs. Jessica Lowrance

English 2~English 4
Theater Arts & Tech~Principles of Law

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Welcome to my teacher web page!

This page is designed to improve communication and connect parents and students to important information in the classroom. Information about assignments/projects by subject and supplemental educational websites are accessible through the links to the left.  

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through the link to the left.

Students learn best when they are not being taught to take a standardized test. My classroom allows students to learn in a collaborative and supportive learning environment.  I encourage independent thinking based on the discussions of unique perspectives and provide creative opprtunities for students to be successful not only in the classroom, but in their daily lives.  My hope is that each student will gain confidence in their academic abilities while opening their mind to new information and facing new challenges.

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English 2:

Send a text to 81010.
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English 4:
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Theater Arts:

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Principles of Law:

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Classroom Procedures:

Arrival:  When students walk into class, they will gather supplies needed for class (i.e. pick-up assigned laptop or book/workbook from shelf), then return to their seat to prepare for the day’s lesson.  Then students are expected to read and review the daily tasks and begin their warm-up.  Students may track their warm-ups in their personal binder. 

Classwork: Students are expected to complete classroom assignments as directed.  There is a yellow Turn In Box for students to submit completed assignments in their designated class period.  Also, students may turn in assignments electronically by uploading to TEAMS or emailing [email protected].

Dismissal:  Students will remain seated until instructor dismisses class.  Students may not stand at the door waiting for the bell to ring.


Grading Policy

Daily Grades – 50% - Minimum of 6 per six weeks grading period

Test Grades – 50% - Minimum of 1 per six weeks grading period

Please note the lowest daily grade will be dropped each six weeks. I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK FOR DAILY GRADES. Deadlines are set for midnight of due date and students can submit completed work via multiple methods, including, but not limited to TEAMS, email, Remind, or in-person. Late work may be accepted for test grades; however, the highest grade possible following a missed deadline is a 70.

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own (aka stealing).  Plagiarism consequences:

  • Receive a 0 for the grade with no opportunity to redo/rewrite/resubmit assignment for a grade.
  • Parent/guardian contact regarding the offense and explaining consequence.

Cell Phone Policy

Students will find a safe and secure resting area for their beloved cell phones during class.  As they walk in the room, they simply place their treasured cell phone in a cozy spot. This affords the students peace of mind about the location of their device without the fear of its potential loss.  If the student’s cell phone is in the rest area, it will not be confiscated for cell phone violation.  However, if a student’s cell phone is found out and about in the classroom, it will be immediately confiscated and held by Mrs. Lowrance until the end of the school day.  Additionally, students are not allowed to take their cell phone from the rest area until they leave for their next class. 

I have practiced this cell phone policy with former classes with success.  Students, for the most part, are surprised by the difference in the learning environment because they are more focused on the task at hand. Please note that in the event of an emergency, students may access their cell phones.

Restroom/Nurse/Water Policy

Students are not required to ask permission to go to the restroom/nurse/water; however, there is a proper procedure.  To properly exit the classroom:

  1. Choose an appropriate time (not during the first/last 10 minutes of class).
  2. Check the sign-out sheet to make sure nobody else is currently signed out.
  3. Sign out (date, name, time, destination i.e., RR or restroom).
  4. Grab hall pass.
  5. Go immediately to your destination and come right back.
  6. Sign back in and return quietly to your seat.
***Due to high volume of student misuse of this prviliege, students are now limited to 6 passes each six week period. Unused passes will convert to bonus points on a major grade.  Students that exceed the limit will not be permitted to leave classroom (unless an emergency) during next six weeks.  Students are losing valuable learning time by repeatedly leaving the classroom for extended amounts of time.

Food Policy

No food is allowed during class. You may bring water in a sealed container for class.

Laptop Policy

  • Each student will be assigned a laptop to use in class.
  • Students will sign in and sign out to the laptop but not shutdown the laptop.
  • Students are to leave the laptop plugged into the power source in the classroom following each class

Behavior Management

In the event a student demonstrates misbehavior in the classroom, below are the steps taken to correct behavior. 

q LUNCH DETENTION  q Parent/Guardian contacted  q After school detention   qPrincipal/Parent/Guardian/Teacher/Student meeting