Online Instructions

Students and Parents,

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoyed your spring break. As you know we will be conducting our classes online.

Please understand this is something new for all of us. I know there will be some glitches teaching and learning in this manner, lets all be patient and do the best we can. You are all great students and we will make this work. The most important thing I want you to keep in mind is DO NOT STRESS OVER THIS. 

I will post all your assignments on your Office 365 Teams page for you to access. For this first week it will be mainly book work. There is a link to the textbooks for World Geography on the useful links page on my teacher website. (If you need a reminder of the password, it will be located in One Note)

Going forward I hope to be recording lectures for you to go along with your assignments,

If you need to contact me it can be done via my school email (, through the Teams page (Office 365), or you can call me at 281-398-8031 x127. The school number will ring to my cellphone, please use this only for urgent situations or reporting attendance if all other means electronic means (Remind, Email, or Teams) are not accessible.

I will be posting further information as we go forward. Again, be safe and don’t stress. 

P.S. If you have not already joined, I have Remind for all four of my classes.  Information to join is located on the calendar March 18, 2020.