Country Project Criteria Information


A.      15 POINTS  Basic Information - Name your country

a.     Who are the neighbors?

b.     What is the current population of the entire country (use live clock information)

c.     What are the three most populated cities? 

e.     Find an image of your country to include in your project

f.    Include an image of the flag


B.      15 POINTS Geography of your country- Be Specific, use appropriate names of landforms, be specific, be correct

a.    Note the Differences in the climate- Mountains, lakes, high/low altitudes, difference between the Northern and southern regions,

b.    Landlocked?

c.    Plate tectonic activity?



C.      The Elements of Culture

1.    10 POINTS Language- list the language (s),

·         Global Connection -where did the language come from?

·         What is the connection between the two countries that speak the same language (history)


2.    10 POINTS Economy-

·         What type of economic structure is each country?

·         What type of currency do they use?

·         Name renewable and non-renewable resources in the area?  Where are they  located?- Include a map you can find online

·         What are the country’s exports? Imports?



3.    15 POINTS Government

·         Describe the government type.- refer to your notes

·         Balanced power?   Branches of government?  Cabinets?

·         Limited or unlimited?

·         What do they call the person in charge? (President, king, Premier, Chancellor?)

·         Who is the current president? Leader?  give the name


4.    10 POINTS Ethnic Groups-

·         Are there other ethnic groups in your country?

·         Are they there a result of push/pull factors of migration?  Where did they leave? 

5. Fun Facts- List 10 fun facts about your country with the source: 
For Example:  Ecuador was named the number one place where expats (foreigners) are happy-


6.    10 POINTS Customs-

·         What are the customs of each group? marriage, birth, death

7.    10 POINTS History-

·         How the country was established? Basic timeline 

·         Main Characters and events in history or history’s establishment?

Summarize in your own words